training grounds



Dragonboat Water training

Every Saturday Afternoon and Sunday Morning - see booking group for exact time slots


Water training includes a warm up session, two hours of paddling and socializing over a refreshing Paulaner beer. All you need to bring is sportswear (will get wet), slippers, sunscreen and enough water!
We usually offer a newbie training session every other Saturday.
During this session our dedicated newcomer coach will teach you the basic paddling commands and technique. Subsequently you are welcome to join the rest of the team for beers.
We are charging a fee of SGD 25 for this session (including beers).

The meeting point is our cage at
5 Stadium Rd
Singapore 397732


Kayak Water training


Members of the German Dragons can also access our Kayak equipment. Depending on your proficiency level you may even be allowed to take out the Kayaks on your own at your own timing.


Land training

Every Thursday from 7:30pm to 9:45pm - see booking group for exact location, subject to changes


As a member, you are also entitled to join our customised weights training sessions.
Our coach designs specific workouts that aim to push your body to the limits and achieve greatness.

The Lawn @ Marina Bay

Boot camp

Every Tuesday from 7:30pm to 9:30pm


Challenge yourself with our intense boot camp. A full body workout surrounded by the scenic singapore downtown environment.
All you need to bring is sportswear, a towel and enough water! We are charging a fee of SGD 10 for this session.
Everyone is welcome!

Location: The Lawn @Marina Bay